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Being A Side Chick Is A Waste Of Time

This issue of side chicks messing up relationships don dey too much. What’s up…??

Quick question:

Are you a side Chick? Even though some no know say dem be side chicks sha. Sad! But anyway this post is for our die hard sisters making deliberate moves to break peoples relationships.

So, before you answer the above question, let’s check out the characteristics of a side chick *I think*

Oya na…

So, side chick is a sexy distraction from a man’s problems.

And just so you know side chicks have upped their game. No dulling!

If una notice well, these days Side chicks are more quiet, slow in action and aware of the guy’s Main girlfriend in most cases. She gives the man space and makes him the first to reach out to her. She always has his attention especially when he’s away from his main. She keeps text messages and phone calls interesting and fun. She blends perfectly into the female best friend role and everything feels natural to the guy…

The side chick establishes her role from the very beginning and so she avoids ‘The Talk’. If the relationship is all about hooking up, then no need to overwhelm the guy with serious conversations. This just pushes the guy away. The side chick loves all the attention she can get shout out to some Facebook aunties.

Alert!! Your man is not the only guy she’s hooking up with, she has other guys. She’s not there to develop feelings for you although some relationships result into happy endings. However, for the side chick, these happy endings rarely happen. Na to “collect” go, no strings attached.

Side chicks are never seen in public but are ever present online. She responds quickly to Facebook messages and so on. She has sexy pictures with the interest of igniting the passion between them. Side chicks are available on weekdays not weekends and are smoking hot in appearance… Team slay queens!!! Not all slay queens sha before somebody attack me now.

Side chicks are not obsessed with destroying your relationship. However if you mess with them, their venom is deadly. Once the course of the fling or attraction is over, they are never heard of again and they never return… That’s after dey don drain you finish.

Relationships are tough especially when you date someone whose qualities are just outstanding. People are ready to swoop in when things get tough and men are looking for a place of solitude to air off some steam. Side chicks are avenues for women or men who do not develop feelings and get hurt as well.

One big tip is don’t be a side chick; it’s a waste of time and the word side chick is not a better way to describe cheating. Be patient for love, love will definitely come. Don’t get attached. For 98% of you, this will happen. In the end, you will be heartbroken. Remember, you are not his girlfriend, that role is taken. And you can get dumped very easily if you act up.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, ‘What benefit do I get from this?’ You can either be the one who wants him and is trying to take him from his girl, the one who is benefiting some other way; for example financially or the one who is fine with it because she has nothing else going on anyway.

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